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Based on your needs and cutting-edge technology, we are always adding to our portfolio of solutions. Here are the modules we have developed for the higher education sector.

FCMM (Course Management)

Course Management

Our course management module enables recording, tracking, and matching of course competency requirements to instructor skills, qualifications, and industry experience in a systematic and cost effective manner.

FIMM (Instructor Management)

Instructor Bio

Through FIMM, college administrators can assign the right instructors to the right courses and provide continuous updates and feedback. Provides a 360 degree view of instructors by displaying detailed information of all the instructors along with their photo, a summary of their qualifications, and more.

Sessional Borderline

Instructors whose teaching hours are between 13 and 18 hours per week will show up on FIMM in the Sessional Borderline category. This system also provides quicker instructor response to course assignments through automatic updates in the AX system.

FSIM (Student Inquiry Management)

Facilitates recording, updating, tracking, and providing ‘follow up’ reminders for issues raised by students through a ticketing (“Cases”) system.

Chair’s Dashboard

The dashboard provides quick insights into areas of interest to the Chairs. It can be moulded to meet a Chair’s changing needs.