Higher Education course matching software and instructor matching software for Colleges and Universities is more than what it appears to be on the surface. It was built as a software course assignment, course management,  instructor assignment, adjunct software.

This is also a higher education software vendors as well as an erp solutions for universities and colleges.


Our higher education course matching software system for college and universities enables recording, tracking, and matching course competency requirements to instructor skills, qualifications, and industry experience in a systematic and cost-effective manner.

Instructor Matching software

This higher education college university instructor matching software allows administrators to assign the right instructors to the right courses and provide continuous updates and feedback. Provides a 360 degree view of instructors by displaying detailed information of all the instructors along with their photo, a summary of their qualifications, and more.

Higher Education Management Software

 For Colleges And Universities

Our Higher Education management software for Colleges and Universities helps with — student retention,  save time with course assignmentreduce risk, save money and MORE.

Save Time

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Why Fiscot?

Our Higher Education management software for Colleges and Universities was built specifically with the most common issues in mind. We have a deep understanding of the challenges most Colleges and Universities face today in relation to course management, instruction assignment and of course student retention. With decades of ERP experience and our Higher Education knowledge, Fiscot Inc is your go-to partner when it comes to mitigating internal issues, increasing student retention and increasing your bottom line.

Course Management

course management system

Instructor Assignment

faculty management system software

KPI & Reporting

ERP and Business Intelligence Consulting and Implementation Services


Course Management

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A Revolutionary New Approach
To Instructor Matching

A systematic approach to pairing the RIGHT instructors to the RIGHT courses resulting in an up to 25% cost savings.

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CFO’s are all about numbers, for this reason we’ve created a tool to help you calculate your potential cost savings to see how this could affect your bottom line.


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When it comes to increasing revenues, a whopping 92%of CFO’s agree that their # 1 strategy is STUDENT RETENTION!

Students keep Colleges and Universities in business. Happy students mean more retention, students who excel when hired directly after graduation means happy employers.