Course Management (FCMM)

Fiscot’s Course Management System (CMS) helps Colleges and Universities match courses to the right instructors. Instructors are matched to course requirements based on their skill set, academic background and subject knowledge.

Fiscot’s CMS Solution

Our Course Management System (CMS) allows colleges to customize parameters: skills, education level, industry experience, and salary information to include in the module, and our unique algorithm does the rest. Our system tracks assignments and makes instructor selection a snap, thanks to an intuitive user interface that saves you time.

The built-in algorithms take the drudgery out of the assignment process by automatically taking into account factors like instructor availability and experience to select the best instructor based on course requirements and contractual agreements. Fiscot’s automated system not only saves cost but also minimizes the effects of human fatigue and long hours that the college staff invests each semester to allocate suitable instructors to courses.

This powerful information systems allows you to make the best choices based on cost and quality for every course you need to staff.


  • Provide intuitive user interface and through templates, reduce time in performing instructor to course assignment repetitive setups
  • Efficiently captures existing college resource capabilities in less time and provides export to MS Excel for further analysis. Under the Manual Allocation process, enables a one screen view of all sections in the course/instructor allocation and also provides capability for exporting data to MS Excel
  • Auto Allocation process matches each instructor to courses based on a complex series of user defined parameters
  • Our Learning Management Software System ( LMS ) Confirm Assignments process produces interactive reports that makes instructor to course assignment approvals easy!
  • Accept Assignments process produces better coordination between instructor and management
  • Systematic and cost effective matching of course competency requirements to contract instructor skills, academic qualifications and industry experience
  • Reduce time spent by Chairs and school operations administrators for planning contract instructor assignments
  • Systematically track assignment of instructors to various courses and use the information to continuously improve the level of delivery and manage costs in a sustainable manner
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