Chair’s Dashboard (FCDM)

ERP and Business Intelligence Consulting and Implementation Services

The dashboard provides quick insights into areas of interest to the Chairs.  It can be moulded to meet a Chair’s changing needs.  Here is a sample of information that the Chair may want to view through the dashboard during a semester:

Instructors: List of instructors interested in teaching, unconfirmed teaching assignments for instructors and student evaluations of instructors.

Expectations: displays the number  of courses not confirmed to run during the semester due to enrolment, cases open for more than 7 days and a list of sessional border line instructors. Further, it allows the Chair to add notes and manage them.

My Links: Displays Chair’s bookmarks/ favourite websites.

Courses: Highlights the course code, instructor  the course is currently assigned to and whether it is confirmed or not. It allows the Chair to search for a particular course by inputting course name/ number and also to sort and filter courses.

Communication: Lists Chair’s Email messages, his/ her important bulletins, RSS/ Twitter feeds and chats.

Departmental Performance: This displays the course Contribution Margin (course revenues minus course instructor costs), current and past semester enrollment, current KPI’s and Student course evaluations.