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“Are adjuncts worse teachers?” is the wrong question

After years of working with Canadian colleges and universities, I’d estimate that over half of their instructors are now adjuncts – non-tenure track faculty members who work part-time and are paid per class they teach. Over the past few years, that percentage has been increasing.

This rise has been accompanied by hand-wringing and pearl-clutching, and […]

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How can big data help university students graduate?

Predictive analytics – once the domain of insurance companies and sports teams – is now being harnessed by universities with struggling students.
Big data is hiding behind your music recommendations on Spotify, the movies you’re shown on Netflix, and the products “you might also like” on Amazon. The technology uses predictive analytics – collecting data […]

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    Gender bias in course evaluations – and the easiest way to reduce it

Gender bias in course evaluations – and the easiest way to reduce it

Want fairer course evaluations for female instructors? Write better questions.
It’s the end of the semester, and students’ course evaluations are trickling in. More often than not, students fill out evaluations begrudgingly, only after being urged by their professors, who understand that evaluations can be the deciding factor when it comes to tenure, awards, and […]