Student Inquiry Management

  1. FSIM includes the ability to: :
  • Record, update, track and provide ‘follow up’ reminders for issues raised by students through a Ticketing (“Cases”) system.
  • Store reference documents and FAQs in the College ‘knowledge base’.
  • Generate “Cases” by recording and classifying issues in categories
  1. Process “Cases” in a systematic method  which will lead to a  quicker resolution for students and staff.
  2. There are three different stages involved in the demo stage, namely:
    • A) Case Configuration: which involves category setup, case process setup and knowledge articles.
    • B) Case Management:  where the case is recorded and matched to knowledge articles and case process articles.
    • C) Case Reporting:  is the third and final stage which generates a report of unresolved cases, percentage of resolved cases by semester, average time to resolve the cases and resolved cases per advisor.