PeopleSoft Solutions from Start to Finish

  • The basis for Fiscot’s PeopleSoft services.
  • What can Fiscot do for you?
  • Fiscot “patches & fixes offerings”.
  • Choosing Fiscot.
  • Fiscot solution options.

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As the leading PeopleSoft-focused consulting firm in Canada, FISCOT has responded to this market need by developing a PeopleSoft Support offering that addresses all of the common client pains in an effective and cost-efficient model.


The Basic for Fiscot’s PeopleSoft Support Services

The PeopleSoft technical environment is complex and challenging. The skills required to support this environment are extensive and the pool of internal resources always insufficient to cover the full spectrum of required competencies.

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Fiscot’s PeopleSoft Support Solution

FISCOT brings to the table a stellar track record with blue chip clients and deep expertise in PeopleSoft. Our PeopleSoft Support Model was developed to address the key issues faced by PeopleSoft clients.

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Fiscot’s Core Competencies

PeopleSoft services are our core competence. As the #1 PeopleSoft focused firm in Canada, we have a strong understanding and appreciation of client challenges and issues.

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Fiscot ‘Patches and Fixes’ Offering

Staying current with PeopleSoft patches and fixes is one of the biggest challenges faced by IT department. The common trade-off is to slow down user-driven needs in order to keep the technical environment reasonably current. FISCOT makes this trade-off unnecessary.

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Fiscot Solution Options

Our boutique PeopleSoft practice offers a wide range of services.

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