ERP Consulting Services

Do you think your ERP support issues and high costs are unique to your organization? Is there a better way to manage your cost, risk, and ROI on your ERP investment?

If you feel that your ERP support costs and risks are an ongoing concern, you are in excellent company. Over the last year, we have conducted extensive research among the ERP installed client base, with the goal of determining the challenges common to in-house support. Even though we expected an overlap in issues we were surprised by their commonality and consistency across diverse organizations.

These results allow us to confidently predict that our findings will fully resonate with your firm’s own experience with ERP support. You can test this by seeing how well you relate to the following:

• Frequent and complex upgrades required

• Bundles, fixes and patches that are difficult to keep up with

• Risk from lack of internal skills/resources and ‘key person’ dependency

• Inability of staff to keep up with the pace of change

• Wide range of skills required – Increases staff size exponentially

• Challenge to attract and retain skilled staff

• Complexity, cost, and risk of buying external resources

• Speed of response to business needs in an increasingly complex technical environment

• Expensive, “Text-Bookish” training

The vision of our ERP practice is to provide the best services in the industry to our customers and deliver holistic solutions at a reasonable price point.

We know what it takes to successfully choose and implement the right solution for your business. We offer deep capability with a proven track record of project success at highly competitive prices.

Our ERP Practice team is anchored by permanent in-house industry veterans who bring years of project experience to the table to help develop and deliver a ‘real’ solution for your situation.

Our ERP services include

  • Package Selection and Business Case Assistance
  • Implementation & Training
  • Application Support & Upgrade Services
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence


Core Business Practices

Our knowledge, expertise and insight from experts with Finance, Supply Chain, Payroll and Human Resources Management solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics platform and PeopleSoft provide a strong foundation for your initiatives.


Microsoft Dynamix AX

Fiscot provides a combination of Microsoft Dynamics AX experts, methodologies, tools and certified partners – together providing a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings for our customer’s ERP operational support needs and system enhancement initiative requirements.

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