Think back to when you first became a college administrator. Whether you’re a dean of students, a department chair, or an administrator who works primarily with other professionals rather than students, your plate is full. On top of the many tasks you must complete to contribute to the overall success of your university, assigning instructors to courses can suck away a lot of energy and time. It can also be a major challenge and source of conflict to try to balance competing demands, and this can drain you of the energy you need to fulfill your other responsibilities.

Whatever your unique professional aspirations, we’re betting that you didn’t plan to spend so many precious hours on the minutiae of scheduling courses every semester. This process can be onerous, especially if you’re still working with spreadsheets. The process of selecting the right instructor for hundreds of courses is incredibly time consuming. We get it: it can feel like once you’ve got one semester done, it’s practically time to start planning for the next. When do you finally get to meet with students or pilot that special project?

Fiscot can help. We understand the challenges of keeping large communities organized, and we know how to make sense of all the moving parts that come with scheduling. We also know that clear documentation can help smooth out those interpersonal snafus that so often come up during scheduling time. We’re committed to building long-term partnerships to meet your institution’s needs over time. In fact, we’ve used our expertise to create several tool sets tailor-made for higher education.

The Chair’s Dashboard

This module offers a one-stop location for all the information crucial to administrators for course and instructor management. The dashboard includes a Communications tab for easy workflow and an organized contact system for all instructors, as well as RSS feeds and social media organization. It also includes a Links tab to keep all your interests organized.

FCMM (Fiscot Course Management Module)

The FCMM helps you match campus courses to instructors based on their unique skills. We put you in the driver’s seat with customizable parameters: you decide what skills, education level, industry experience, and salary information to include in the module, and we do the rest. Our system tracks assignments and makes instructor selection a snap, thanks to an intuitive user interface that saves you time. The built-in algorithms take the drudgery out of the assignment process by automatically taking into account factors like instructor availability and experience to select the best instructor based on course requirements and contractual agreements. Doing this manually can leave colleges open to challenges from unhappy instructors, but our automated system eliminates this hassle and provides the best result.

By streamlining scheduling, you’ll no longer need expensive temporary workers or overtime pay for harried secretaries at the beginning of each semester. Having an easily searchable database that includes instructor salary level also makes it much easier to stay on budget while fulfilling staffing needs. Our powerful information systems allow you to make the best choices based on cost and quality for every course you need to staff.

FIMM (Fiscot Instructor Management Module)

Organize all the biographical information you need about every instructor at your institution, even across campuses and departments. This searchable module lets you find instructors by education level, skills, courses previously taught or salary history. We created this program to make it easy to keep the right person for the job at your fingertips.

Instructor Evaluation

Best of all, Fiscot’s tools provide a system to help streamline course evaluation. We provide an automated system that allows you to track the quality of delivery by instructors, based on a rubric that is transparent from the get-go. When instructors know what to expect during evaluation, they are prepared to do their best work, and that means a better experience for both faculty and students. With feedback easily organized, you have all the information you need to facilitate meaningful conversations with instructors when it’s time to review their performance. The system also documents measurable criteria to help you make the best decisions about future instructor selection based on past performance.

Scheduling instructors to teach courses each semester doesn’t have to be a Sisyphean task. Organizing and automating the process can help you get back to doing what you love: helping to create the best university atmosphere possible. Let the experts at Fiscot show you how to get started. Contact us for more information today.