Wish you could automate selecting contract faculty members each semester?

The start of the school year can be a hectic time. With schedules changing every semester, no doubt your department has looked for ways to minimize stress during this time.  The need of the hour is to efficiently ensure that your site is up and running, students and faculty are at ease and there are no hiccups. In the weeks and months leading up to the beginning of a semester, many department heads face another dreaded aspect: assigning contract faculty members to appropriate classes. In doing so, it is vital that qualifications are matched appropriately and in a cost effective manner. This exercise is ongoing at the onset and conclusion of each semester.

The Problem

The majority of institutions perform this task manually. The process of muddling through upwards of several hundred contract candidates can be more than a little time ­consuming. Each contractor/professor has a different skill set and not all charge the same amount for their services. What if you could automate this entire process? What if you could enter criteria into a program that would choose the right professor to teach your Ethics course by narrowing down the candidates with the proper skill set, and make the best choice based on cost efficiency?


The Solution

Fiscot Inc. has the perfect solution. We help you optimize the match, saving you time and helping reduce costs. The solution allows you to input your own criteria on which to base the selection. Plus, you can input preset criteria to track the instructor’s quality of delivery. In other words, measuring how well the students are doing via grades and other criteria specific to you. A short list is created of instructors that provide the best fit from which to begin interviews. The interview conversation is more meaningful because the candidates have been pre-screened. And because the workflow remains automated, if an emergency occurs for which you must reassign an instructor, communication is much smoother. If you think this is something your organization could benefit from, please contact us. We would love to have a conversation about what our product could mean for your school.